* Interactive archive




The interactive archive is the third leg of the project, alongside the film and book. The interactive archive is where you can find the volumes of historical material that we collected through the research process for the book and film. Through the support of our partners we have created a safe place for this collection where will be stored for perpetuity to be kept as a testament to this time in our country’s past.

The multitude of photographs, documents and videos are organized in an interactive map, that allows you to explore the city, and demonstrates the proximity of the Tromsø community. You simply click on a house, and experience the history through film, photo and document galleries. Navigate through homes, shops, monuments, and important centers for Nazis and local collaborators, and learn the intimate histories of the Jewish families that lived in Tromsø 1910 – 1945.

The interactive archive is currently under development. The archive will become public in January 2017. We consider this the first phase of the archival development. We will continue to update the archive and hope that in the future we can use media and continued funding to create a virtual reality experience inside the map of Tromsø.

(The interactive map is main module of the project along with the film and the book.  Through a map of the main street you will soon be able to click on a house, go in and experience the history through film, audio, photos and other documents. This area of the project is currently under development, follow us on Facebook to keep updated.)