* The Book

“When the town went quiet” is the story of Tromsø’s Jewish population from 1910 until 1945. This northernmost Jewish community in the world, was almost completely destroyed during the German occupation of Norway. It was a well socialized population in the town. They gradually became integrated throughout different strata of society, both in business, culture, sports, and religious and social contexts.

The book contains some thirty chapters, each of which depicts the various elements of Jewish origin, participation and life in the city. It examines daily and social life, but also the rising uncertainty and anxiety leading towards arrest, deportation and extermination. The book also treats other elements of the story, such as the unpleasant facts about the looting of houses, shops and securities with great detail.

The youngest of Tromsø’s community to be exterminated, is Norway’s (and Tromsø’s) own “Anne Frank” story. It is told through the children’s album and history of little Ruth Sakolsky.

The author Henrik Broberg has worked for many years with this historic project. The final result is a thorough work of research while also containing unique imagery of the short but eventful Jewish history of Tromsø.

The book can be ordered directly from Henrik Broberg

The book has been on sale since 17 June 2014.